Some aircraft registrations are just 2-SEXY


London Biggin Hill Airport

Aircraft registrations do not make for the best party conversations. However, some owners have taken what is typically a boring necessity, and made it into something more fun and meaningful.

We have compiled a list of aircraft with unusual aircraft registrations, which have some sort of meaning or hidden message.


Photo: 2-Reg

This one doesn’t require any explanation…


Nike’s new G550

Photo: Michael Carter

With the G550’s registration you’ll need to look at a telephone keypad. Type out 3546 it spells Nike backwards.


Nike’s G650

Photo: Russell Hill

Nike’s G650 registration clearly relates to the company, with the registration N1KE spelling out the company’s name.


Lord Sugar’s Legacy 650

The British business magnate, Lord Alan Sugar, owns a Legacy 650 branded with the registration G-SUGA – making obvious reference to the entrepreneur’s surname.


John Travolta’s Boeing 707

An untraditional corporate jet – John Travolta’s Boeing 707B holds the registration number N707JT. 707 refers to the aircraft type, with JT referring to the actor’s initials. Travolta has recently donated N707JT to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society.


Specsavers’ King Air 350

M-SPEK is owned and operated by Specsavers – a British chain of opticians.


Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream G-V

The American actor Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream V is registered N162JC. 162 refers to his date of birth – January 1962 – and JC standing for his initials.


Jerry Jones’ Gulfstream G-V

Jerry Jones – the American businessman, most well known for owning the Dallas Cowboys – owns a Gulfstream G-V with the Dallas Cowboy’s logo on the tail. The registration is N1DC, with DC standing for Dallas Cowboys. What the 1 stands for is not clear, considering the Cowboys have not won an NFL championship since 1996…


McDonalds’ Global 6000

McDonalds Corporation was founded in Des Plaines, IL. in 1955 – the inspiration for the aircraft’s N1955M registration.


Under Armour

Photo: Matthew McDonald

Under Armour own a stylish all-black G550, with chrome detail, including the registration number. The company was founded in 1996, with UA standing for Under Armour.


Peter Jackson’s G550

Photo: Alan Cookson/Planet Aircraft

Peter Jackson, the New Zealand director responsible for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, owned a Gulfstream G550 registered ZK-KFB. ZK is the designation for New Zealand – KFB stands for Katie (his daughter), Francis (his wife) and Billy (his son). This registration has been used on various aircraft by Peter Jackson, including a G650.


Michael Jordan

Photo: Scott Waters / steelworksunlimited

Arguably the NBA’s best player of all time, Michael Jordan, owns a camouflaged G550. The 23 in the registration stands for his infamous jersey number, with the 6 standing for the number of NBA Championships he’s won. Obviously, the MJ stands for his initials.


Bill Gates 

Photo: Brian T Richards

Bill Gates’ Global Express carries the registration N887WM. Although not confirmed, the 887 could stand Gates’ net worth which stands at a reported $88.7 billion. The significance of WM is more commonly debated – either standing for William and Mary (his parent’s names) or William and Melinda – him and his wife’s names.