Airbus launches ACJ TwoTwenty


Airbus Corporate Jets has announced the launch of the ACJTwoTwenty a VIP version of its A220 jet.

 With a range of 5,650nm (10,500 km), a 73m² (785 ft²) six-zone cabin and an outfitted price of below $80m, Airbus believes it will create a new category: the extra large business jet.

It is a different proposal compared to the ultra long range jets. Now you have the possibility this ACJ TwoTwenty to select a very decent range – transcontinental aircraft with a very large cabin,” Benoit Defforge, President ACJ, told Corporate Jet Investor. “This new segment price will be just below the price range of ultra-long business jets. We have the complete package, the product, the positioning and the price.”

Airbus has already sold six ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft.

The ACJ TwoTwenty can fly more than 12 flight hours, so is able to directly connect London and Los Angeles, Moscow and Jakarta, Tokyo and Dubai or Beijing and Melbourne.

 It will have a six-zone cabin with 73m² (785 ft²) of floor space. Buyers will be able to choose from a range of options – but will not have the complete freedom that they get with an ACJ319.

 ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft will have a business and guest lounge as well as a private entertainment space and a private suite – with a US-king size bed, a standing rain-shower and private bathroom.

 The ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft will have Ku connectivity, a Wi-Fi system across all the cabin and electro-chromatic windows, LED lighting and a humidification system.

 Although the A220-100 airline version was designed for between 100 and 120 passengers, the ACJ TwoTwenty is designed for 18 passengers. Airbus have added five extra fuel tanks – carrying five more tonnes of fuel – to give it extra range.

-More to follow, with the first customer announced later.