About the Corporate Jet Investor Awards


Why the awards exist, who decides the winners and how the process works...

The Corporate Jet Investor Awards is annual awards ceremony dedicated to recognising excellence in business jet finance.

Corporate Jet Investor awards

Corporate Jet Investor’s annual awards have been running since 2012 and are judged by a prestigious panel of finance specialists at aircraft manufacturers and leading pre-owned aircraft brokers.

Why do the awards exist?

The Corporate Jet Investor Awards aim to:

  • Increase understanding of the importance of appropriate finance to the sector;
  • Encourage new lenders to enter the market;
  • Reward committed lenders in a way that helps them win the recognition of their peers;
  • Help aircraft buyers find the right source of finance for their requirements.

Who decides the awards?

They are selected by the industry. The voting panel is made up of experts that help their customers find finance. All votes were confidential and we are extremely grateful for their support. Although it is a small group it is highly informed and represents specialists in all aircraft types all over the world.

The 2013 voting panel consisted of: David Vandenberg and Marc Melcoche from Bombardier; Claude Draillard and Alexandre Piffard from Dassault; Sergio Guedes, Sergio Hirata and Benoit Pineau-Valencienne from Embraer; Anthony Schreiber from Beechcraft;  Jim Tait from Gulfstream; Oliver Stone from Colibri; Alireza Ittihadiah from Freestream; and Chad Anderson from Jetcraft.

How the award process works

Corporate Jet Investor prepared a shortlist featuring around 50 institutions in total.  Each panellist ranked the top three financial institutions in each category and also had the option to add others.

The Global Business Jet Financier Award and the Best Private Bank Award were chosen by adding up votes across all of the categories. The winners of these awards – Bank of America and Credit Suisse – were then removed from all of the other categories. This is the first time that we have done this. Both would have won regional awards without this. 

In total, around 30 institutions received votes from the panel with around 50 lenders and lessors shortlisted. This reflects the diversity of the business jet finance market.

The awards were presented during the Third Annual International Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance in front of more than 200 attendees.