Dassault Falcon 2000LX EASY: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide



The Dassault Falcon 2000LX EASy is the latest version of the Falcon 2000 family. The aircraft has all the attributes of the earlier models but it has enhancements and improvements. It flies a long way and the Falcon 2000LX EASy is a basically a Falcon 2000EX with winglets and an EASy cockpit.

The Falcon 2000 is a twin-engined version of the Falcon 900. It is smaller by six feet but with the same fuselage width and shorter range. Dassault received certification of the first Falcon 2000 in 1995, so the concept has been around a while but with each new variant there have been improvements and upgrades. The aircraft has been fitted with winglets, which have been designed by Aviation Partners.

The aircraft can travel 4,000 nautical miles with six passengers and two crew at a cruise speed of just over 525 miles per hour.

Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines power the Falcon 2000LX EASy.  They each provide 7,000 pounds of thrust. The Falcon 2000EX can take off in 5,585 feet (1,700m) and land in 2,630 feet (800m). It has a certified ceiling of 47,000 feet (14,300m).

How the inside of a Falcon 2000LX may look.

How the inside of a Falcon 2000LX may look.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 avionics suite and is fitted to the aircraft. It features a Honeywell EASy avionics panel, with four 8 x 10 inch flat panel display screens. The system comes standard with an Allied Signal Flight Management System and a Collins TWR-850 weather radar.

The passenger cabin is spacious, a length of 26 feet 2 inches, 6 feet 2 inches height and 7 feet 8 inches wide. The cabin can hold up to a maximum of 19 passengers, more typical eight to ten passengers. Being a large cabin, you can sub-divide the cabin into different areas. You can even opt for having some seats that fold flat for sleeping on those long trips.

Hard Facts

Range: 4,606 miles/7,413 kms/4,000 nautical miles
Typical passengers: 8 – 10 (typical), 19 (high density)
Typical crew:

Cabin space: 1,024 ft3 / 29.00 m3
Maximum Speed: 567 mph/913 kmph/mach 0.86
Recommended cruise:
528 mph/850 kmph/mach 0.80
Competitor aircraft: Challenger 605, Falcon 2000DX, Legacy 600, Gulfstream G350, G450
How much does a new Falcon 2000LX EASy cost? $32m
Hourly operating cost:

First delivery: 2009
World fleet:
228 (complete Falcon 2000 production as at May 2011)
Fractional operators include: N/A
Aircraft manufacturer: Dassault
Engine manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada
Engine type (number):
PW308C (2)

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