Gulfstream G400: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

Gulfstream G400

A buyer’s guide to the Gulfstream G400 business jet.

Pros: The G400 has the lowest list price of any large-cabin Gulfstream jet.

Cons: If the G400 is anything like the aircraft it is replacing there will be a hard resale market. Currently there are just 19 G450s, or 5.44%, of the active fleet of 349 for sale.

Flying: Gulfstream president, Mark Burns said the G400 has been conceived and designed with “direct customer input”.

A combination of the G500 and G600, the G400 has a range of 4,200nm at Mach 0.85 or 3,950 nm at Mach 0.88 with a maximum speed of 0.90. This kind of range allows for non-stop flights from New York to Brasilia, Dakar, London, Los Angeles, Lima, or Moscow. The aircraft also minimises noise and carbon emission via its aerodynamic clean-wing design.

Intended to fill the gap between the G500 and the G280, the new aircraft gets it power from two 13,496-pound-thrust PW812GA turbofans. These engines offer 22% lower emissions than other powerplants in their class and also meet Stage 5 noise limits.

This means the G400 will be able to climb directly to 41,000 ft, according to Gulfstream. Whilst maximum cruise altitude is planned to be 51,000 ft.

Travelling: The new G400 will have seating for up to 12 passengers across three zones and an aft lavatory.  Berthable seats will also be able to sleep up to five passengers.

There is also an option for a two-zone, nine-seat configuration which will have both forward and aft lavatories. Light comes from 10 of Gulfstream’s trademark oval windows. 

Floorplans provide up to 2.5 living areas, allowing flexible space for meetings, focused work and relaxation. Also thanks to filters the cabin environment is 100% fresh air, replenished every two minutes.

The G400’s cabin comes to 42.5ft cabin with a total volume at 1,441cubic ft, thanks to its 6.25ft height and 7.6ft width. For added comfort, the G400 will have a 3,255-foot cabin altitude at FL410.

Owning: The G400 will set you back $34.5m which is the lowest price of any large-cabin Gulfstream jet. It is being marketed by its builder as an “entry-level” large-cabin Gulfstream. First flight is due for early 2023, with entry to market set for 2025.

For comparison, the G400’s closest competitor the G450 has a list price of anywhere between $38-$45m.


Maximum range: 4,200nm

Maximum speed: Mach 0.90

Typical passengers: Eight

Typical crew: Four

List price: $34.5m

Pre-owned price: N/A

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