Hawker 800/900 series: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide



This guide will cover the all mode;ls of the Hawker 800.  such as thre 850, 900 and 950 business jets. In total the Hawker 800 production numbered nearly 1,000 units.


Sadly, the production was halted 2013 when the FAA issued a direcetive and soon after Textron purchased Hawker buainess jets

Total Production

The total number of all varients built during the manufacturuing of the Hawker 125 is 1,720 buiness jets


In 1961 de Havilland  designed the DH125 Jet Dragon


In  1961, tthe DH125 Jet Dragon, a small business jet aircraft and a replacement of the de Havillanad Dove. Two aircraft were built and the first flight was completed on 13th August 1962. The aircraft made its World debut at the 1962 Farnborough Airshow as the DH125. The aircraft was designed to fly at least 1,000 miles (1,600kms). The first aircraft were powered by two Bristol Siderley Viper turbojet engines.

Latest News

24th April 2024 Luxaviation has added a Hawker 900XP based in Italy to its charter fleet

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