Bombardier Global 7000: Buyer’s and Investor’s guide

Bombardier Global 7000 business jet.

A buyer’s guide to the Bombardier Global 7000 long-range business jet.



A hugely capable aircraft, which can easily manage extra long-range missions. A large and highly customisable cabin is the highlight of this aircraft.


A more expensive alternative to the G650ER (at list prices) and not available yet.

The G7000 is the latest effort from Bombardier to take the crown for the most luxurious and comprehensive corporate jet on the market. Announced in 2010 alongside the G8000, the newest addition to the Global range is expected to be a “game changing aircraft that will define a whole new category of business jet”, according to Bombardier’s CEO Alain Bellemare.


The statistics for the G7000 are impressive – a maximum speed of 1142kph/710mph/Mach 0.925 makes it slightly faster than competitors such as the G6000 and Falcon 8X. The G7000 will also have the ability to fly at a maximum altitude of 51,000ft – allowing it to fly over any unfavourable weather.

The G7000 has a range of 7400nm/13705km – 100nm/185km less than the G650ER. However, the G7000 is capable of flying non-stop between most major cities including Los Angeles to London. The extra 100nm/185km is almost irrelevant when you consider how far both aircraft are able to travel.


The G7000 is one of the best looking aircraft on the market.

The G7000 is one of the best looking aircraft on the market.


The G7000 cabin is industry leading, giving customers the ability to customise the layout of the four separate living spaces – the only jet in the market to offer such cabin versatility. Options for the living spaces include club suites, entertainment suites, conference areas and master suites. There is also the ability to access to the 195 cubic ft. of luggage space throughout the flight – large enough to give passengers the opportunity to bring several kitchen sinks.

The cabin is 20% larger than any other business jet in the market, which allows a double bed and a stand up shower to be fitted. With a cabin height of 8ft 2in/2.49m and a width of 8ft 2in/2.49m, the cabin is marginally smaller than the G650ER – which is 4 inches wider (8ft 6in/2.59m), and 2inches taller (6ft 5in/1.95m). However, the G7000 cabin’s 54ft 7in/16.64m long cabin length boasts an extra 7ft 9in over the G650ER (already a spacious aircraft). This is a huge amount of extra cabin space.

The cabin seats are extra wide, and have been completely redesigned by Bombardier. Other cabin features include a dedicated crew rest area and 80% larger windows than used in previous Global aircraft, further increasing passenger comfort.

Global 7000


The G7000 will sit at the top end of the market, due to its size and capability. With a list price of $72 million it is a more expensive option than the G650ER – listed at $68.8 million. Other less expensive options can be found – such as the G6000 ($60.5 million list price) and the Falcon 9X ($58 million list price) – however these aircraft cannot compete with the G7000 in terms of range.

The G7000 has had some production difficulties so far – most notably a two year delay due to design issues with the wings, which are being optimised for long range missions as well as short-field takeoff performance. The first deliveries are expected in 2018, with London Air Services being the launch customer.

The G7000 should have a big impact in the long range market, giving the G650ER a run for its money. Whilst the setbacks are prohibitive in the short run, the G7000 should still be able to live up to the successes that previous Global aircraft have enjoyed.

Hard facts

Price: $72 million
Range: 8515mi/13705km/7400nm
Maximum speed: 710 mph/1142kmh/ Mach 0.925
Typical passengers: 19
Typical crew: 2-3
Competitors: Gulfstream G650ER, Gulfstream G650, G6000, Falcon 8X, Falcon 7X

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