Zetta Jet merges with Advanced Air Management and Asia Aviation Company

Zetta Jet

Zetta Jet has merged with both Advanced Air Management and Asia Aviation Company.

Advanced Air Management are an aircraft management company with headquarters in Burbank California.

Based in Singapore, Asia Aviation Company were one of the first dedicated private jet services company to be based in the city state.

Both companies will be brought under the Zetta Jet banner, with Advanced Air Management being renamed Zetta Jet USA Inc.

Asia Aviation Company will be directly merged into Zetta Jet.

“At Zetta Jet, our promise is to deliver the ultimate private jet experience to the world’s most discerning travellers. The merger of both companies under Zetta Jet is a significant milestone which will greatly strengthen our value proposition as the world’s first truly personalized private airline,” said Geoffery Cassidy, managing director, Zetta Jet.

The Zetta Jet fleet currently includes 12 Bombardier Global family aircraft, as well as four Challenger family aircraft.