VIP cabin crew training welcomes 75th nationality in Geneva


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Training Solutions achieved another milestone when it welcomed a flight attendant from Venezuela to it’s monthly, VIP cabin crew training course in Geneva. The flight attendant represents the 75th nationality taking the opportunity to attendant the internationally renowned training course.

Training Solutions is Europe’s only VIP cabin crew training organisation that focused on customer service excellence only. All training courses are practiced at table mockups which, being the exact size of private jet tables, provides trainees a real case scenario to practice and enhance their skills.

The company welcomes commercial and existing VIP cabin crew who they guide, mentor and help after the training courses. It is their recommendations and testimonials that do the company’s marketing for them.

“Many commercial flight attendants who participated on the training courses where able to achieve their goal and now work on private jets, which is very fulfilling and gratifying,” says Dietmar Duller, founder of Training Solutions who conducts every course personally.

Since 2007, Training Solutions has conducted over 180 training courses, welcoming over 1,250 flight attendants from across the globe. The company list 20 business aviation companies and over 30 private owners and stock listed companies as clients.