TVPX Trust Services announced that its website is now translatated into six languages


TVPX Trust Services announced that its website,, is now translatable into six languages, including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese, with others to follow soon.

TVPX Trust Services provides customized FAA owner trust services for aircraft owners, including those individuals and businesses that do not qualify as US citizens for registration purposes under the FAA’s complex citizenship rules, as well as those with privacy concerns.

A trust may be used to legally register aircraft during the entire period of ownership or sometimes just for a short period while the aircraft is transitioning to or from another registry to accommodate a sale.

By combining the world’s most experienced team of owner trust professionals with a company-wide focus on responsiveness, customized solutions and efficiency, TVPX Trust Services has become one of the leading providers of FAA owner trust services in business aviation, helping to facilitate billions of dollars in aircraft transactions annually.

“TVPX’s goal is to provide unsurpassed service to aircraft owners around the globe”, said Brett King, President of TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc. “We believe that the information about aircraft trusts available in multiple languages on our website will be a helpful resource for owners and advisers who are analyzing the best options for registering an aircraft.”

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