SchedAero launches APIs to boost customers’ efficiency and business


Pioneering bizav technology leader Avinode Group (EBACE booth D69) is helping customers build their business, improve decision-making and increase efficiency with the launch of a suite of APIs (application programming interfaces) for the group’s SchedAero charter sales and operations system.

The APIs, available globally, connect SchedAero to a company’s existing applications, such as customer relationship management and business operations systems.

Johan Sjöberg, SchedAero’s business manager, says: “This integration means users can access the trip, scheduling, quoting and crew data held in SchedAero through their existing IT platforms, without having to separately access SchedAero.

“SchedAero is a data goldmine that our customers can really exploit through our APIs. Information about customers, quotes, scheduled trips and crew can now be carefully analyzed, interrogated and turned into a strategic asset, helping clients spot patterns and release untapped potential. Targeted marketing campaigns will become easier and more effective than ever before.”

Using the APIs, duplication of data entry is minimized, as information held in SchedAero can simply be shared automatically, in real time, with a client’s other systems. The resulting efficiencies not only save time (and headaches!) but also minimize the risk of errors.

Sjöberg continues: “We see seamless data exchange and systems integration as increasingly important to the growth and success of business aviation. Everyone in our industry wins when the many different companies involved in putting together a great flight – from brokers, operators, caterers and FBOs to ourselves at SchedAero and across the Avinode Group – ‘talk’ to each other electronically. The latest developments in API infrastructure mean software products and multiple stand-alone systems can now share data easily. We know our customers really appreciate how APIs strengthen existing platforms, so we’re thrilled to be improving our digital offering with these new products.”

DocuSign integration

SchedAero is a web-based aircraft and crew scheduling system for operators, flight departments and private aircraft owners. Users have access to software allowing activities including scheduling, quoting, flight and duty logging, invoicing and customer management.

Continually moving forward, SchedAero is now integrated with DocuSign, a leading player in the field of electronic signatures. As a result, customers and partners can sign electronic agreements including quotes. The process dramatically increases the speed and efficiency of digital workflow and document exchanges during flight scheduling and booking.

Sjöberg says: “We’re the first European company offering the DocuSign service for business aviation quotes and we’re really excited about the benefits. When you use SchedAero and DocuSign together, everybody wins. Not only does your organization become more efficient but you also make it so much easier for your clients to do business with you. Scanning, printing and faxing become things of the past.”

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