Satcom Direct first to activate Immarsat Jet ConneX for Brazilian-registered aircraft


Satcom Direct

Business aviation connectivity company Satcom Direct (SD) has become the first service provider to activate the Inmarsat Jet ConneX technology for a Brazilian-registered executive aircraft.

The privately owned Gulfstream G650, based in São Paulo, will begin using the service this month.

Activating the Jet ConneX Ka-band technology will enable passengers and crew to access high-speed data transfers to support various functions. An on-board Satcom Direct Route maximises the cabin’s connection to the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network and provides always-on connectivity.

Ewerton Libanio, managing director of SD Brazil, said: “Jet ConneX means you’ll never miss a football match, an important email or a Facetime call from your family while in the air. We understand how important it is to have a reliable internet connection and following this, our first South American activation, we anticipate there will be more [activations] as the region’s executive aviation market continues to develop.”