Rectrix names new president and director of business development


Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services has named Ashley Watts as president and Michael Murphy as the director of business development.

The company has increased its fleet to seven owned aircraft – two Challenger 300’s and five Learjet 45XR. Rextrix has also increased its managed aircraft to five and completed its build-out at Hanscom Field in Bedford, Massachusetts.

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New company president, Ashley Watts, has been with Rectrix for seven years. She previously served as the vice president of administration and finance. Watts earned her bachelor’s degree in finance from University of South Florida.

Ashley Watts, President of Rectrix

Ashley Watts, President of Rectrix

In her new role, Watts will ensure that Rectrix is committed to achieving its long term vision, and that all established operating entities focus on the core functions of the organisation. Watts will report to CEO, Richard Cawley.

Corporate Jet Investor asked the new president about her role:

What attributes do you think you bring to the position?

“The ability to adapt quickly. One of the most important things that I have learned about this industry is that it is constantly evolving; fluidity is key.

“There is a delicate balance that must be maintained to make on the spot decisions; with safety being the number one priority while maintaining the benefits to the customer. I feel as though I have found that balance and that is very rewarding.”

Are you planning to expand the FBO network and are there any other plans you can speak about?

“We are always exploring opportunities and we will look at each of them on their own merits.

“Rectrix is unique in this arena as we are able to jump right in feet first and deliver the best product in the industry.”

What advice would you give to a young person starting out in the aviation industry?

“To the young person starting out in this Industry I would say – check your ego at the door as there is simply no room for the entitled.

“No matter your age, your mind should always be open to what someone else can teach you and I have found so much value in others’ practical experience.

“Michael Murphy comes to Rectrix with a strong background in aviation, business and sales. Murphy previously served as regional sales manager Northeast for JetBlue Airways Corporation. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, where he was a Francis Ouimet Scholar.”

Michael Murphy, Director of Business Development at Rextrix

Michael Murphy, Director of Business Development at Rextrix

In his new role at Rectrix, Murphy will be in charge of growing charter sales along with adding clients to their aircraft management, maintenance and FBO services. He will be based at the Rectrix corporate headquarters at Hanscom Field.

Corporate Jet Investor asked him some questions below:

Coming from commercial aviation, what are the major differences between commercial and business aviation?

“The biggest difference I notice is how in business aviation, you pick the time that you want to fly. In the world of commercial aviation, customers are tied to the schedule of the airlines. With business aviation, service is done on a much more personal level. That is a huge benefit for customers using business aviation. But there are also quite a few similarities between the two. Safety if obviously the highest priority in all types of aviation. And providing great customer service and an exceptional experience is always a goal in the aviation industry. You always want to build loyal customers to come back and use your services again and again.”

What other challenges do you see ahead?

“Business aviation is a very competitive industry so being able to get your name and brand visible can be a challenge. Rectrix doesn’t have the huge marketing budgets like some of the major, well known charter operators, so we have to get creative with our marketing plan and make sure we get a high ROI for each dollar spent. Rectrix is unique in that, unlike some of our competitors, we have the ability to use our own jets for charter in addition to having FBO and hangar services at some of the major business aviation airports in Massachusetts as well as Sarasota, FL. With the great relationships we have and continue to build with major corporations and individuals, our team has a  great opportunity to go out and tell customers about the benefits of using Rectrix.”

What advice would you give to a young person starting out in the aviation industry?

“My biggest piece of advice is to never turn down an opportunity because you think it is too challenging. This is the best way to learn and develop skills in an area of the company in which you are either not familiar or not comfortable doing. There have been many times where I was asked to do something that I had no background or experience in. In the end, I have always found that you become a much better leader by having an understanding of how the company works outside of our area of expertise.”

Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services was founded in 2005 and has FBOs in key locations on the East Coast, including Bedford and Worcester in Massachusetts and Sarasota, Florida. In 2009 Rectrix acquired New World Jet, a global jet operator with operating authority for 10 or more passenger seats. This charter operation was rebranded as Rectrix Aviation and offers worldwide charter using their own fleet of Learjet 45 and Challenger 300 business jet aircraft.