NetJets to take 100 aircraft in 2023



NetJets, the world’s largest business jet operator, will take 100 new aircraft in 2023 – roughly 12% of all deliveries. Patrick Gallagher, president – sales, marketing and services, NetJets, explained this as part of a fireside chat at Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2023.

It is due to take delivery of 75 new aircraft in 2022 – more than 40 have already been delivered. It expects to hire more than 700 pilots in 2023. 

The fractional company has 500 aircraft in its US fleet and 100 in Europe. Executive Jet Management also manages more than 250 aircraft.

NetJets is investing in maintenance and infrastructure to support its record fleet growth.

Gallagher discussed how NetJets has been forced to reduce sales due to record demand. “For now we are limiting jet card sales strictly to renewals from existing members.”

The last two years have seen record business jet operator consolidation but Gallagher said NetJets is not interested. “You have seen a lot of consolidation, people buying other operators to buy lift. We made the very conscious decision to not do that, so it forced us to wait longer than we would have liked, because we had to wait for the deliveries and go out and hire pilots,” said Gallagher. “Consolidating certificates is difficult, consolidating cultures is even harder.”


Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2023 will take place on November 6th and 8th 2023