NetJets Europe expects first delivery of Challenger 350 next year


NetJets Signature Series Challenger 350

NetJets Europe expects to take delivery of Signature Series Challenger 350 by mid-2015.
NetJets Signature Series Challenger 350

NetJets Signature Series Challenger 350

NetJets Europe will be taking delivery of the Signature Series Challenger 350 from Bombardier in the middle of 2015.

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NetJets US will be taking delivery of the first Challenger 350 from the manufacturer this year, with additional aircraft being delivered over the next few years to both NetJets US and NetJets Europe.

Marine Eugene-Beveridge, head of sales at NetJets Europe, said: “We are delighted that we will be receiving the Signature Series Challenger 350 in Europe. The exclusive aircraft which comfortably seats nine passengers, is ideal for our European customers with its reach not only across the continent, but with easy access from London to even farther afield destinations such as Tel Aviv and Lagos.”

“The US fleet has seen great interest over the past year reaching into the ninth aircraft in terms of pre-sale, which is in excess of our initial plans. We have accelerated our delivery schedule with Bombardier after selling through our initial allotment sooner than expected. With this uptake in the US, we are enthusiastic with the opening of the Challenger 350 for pre-sale to our European customers,” added Eugene-Beveridge.

The new aircraft will offer customers greater cabin comfort, larger windows and an advanced HD wireless entertainment system. It is equipped with modern avionics and delivers an increased wingspan, improved engine and efficiency features. The Challenger 350 has over seven hours flight time endurance with over 6,000 km range.

“The successful launch of the Signature Series aircraft by NetJets demonstrates the history of innovation and strength we are known for,” Eugene-Beveridge concludes. “The rejuvenated fleet was designed and planned based on what is important to our customers, and the success of the initial launch suggests that we delivered on this and that they have confidence in their investment with NetJets.”

NetJets are planing to add 670 new aircraft valued at $17.6 billion over the next ten years. In addition to the Bombardier Challenger 350, Global 6000 and Embraer Phenom aircraft, the company globally will be adding the following aircraft: the Cessna Citation Latitude as well as the Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000 aircraft.