Multi-Directional: Flexjet acquires Constant Aviation


Flexjet has acquired MRO services provider Constant Aviation.

Flexjet, a Directional Aviation company, saw its fleet grew by 40% in 2022, which brings with it additional demands for maintenance. Integrating Constant, which is also a Directional Aviation firm, into Flexjet will help to address this, it said, adding capabilities such as: airframe, engine and avionics maintenance; in-house engineering and avionics installation; heavy maintenance, engine and component overhaul damage repair; and parts support and distribution.

Jay Heublein, Flexjet senior vice president, Maintenance, said: “Integrating Constant into Flexjet is part of an overriding strategic vision to differentiate Flexjet among its competitors at the most fundamental level. Typically, other companies in our space rely largely on third-party providers to meet their global product support and maintenance needs. This not only limits their overall ability to meet the needs of their customers, but it also takes control away from operators and limits their ability to deliver the highest possible levels of service.”

Heublein added: “This historic move by Flexjet represents one of the most significant infrastructure investments in the history of our industry.”

Flexjet will also acquire Constant’s facilities at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Orlando Sanford International Airport. Flexjet has plans for new facilities at Sanford, expanding its maintenance footprint in Florida’s private jet travel corridors, to a total of 220,000sqft. Flexjet’s maintenance facility footprint now covers 650,000sqft. On top of that, Flexjet now has dedicated access to Constant’s nationwide AOG mobile response network, with teams deploying from 28 US locations.

Heublein said: “With Constant’s unique capabilities, along with a proprietary Aircraft on Ground network to handle real-time aircraft issues, Flexjet is not dependent on third-party maintenance to keep its fleet flying regardless of location or conditions.”

Constant Aviation recently expanded its MRO capabilities beyond fixed-wing aircraft to include rotorcraft such as helicopters, drones and other commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Accordingly, it will be able to support Flexjet’s new private helicopter division.

All of Constant’s existing team members will join Flexjet and, in addition, Flexjet plans to hire nearly 200 more technicians over the next 12 months.