Launch that’s music to business aviation’s ears


The Mecaer Aviation Group has today unveiled a new version of its infotainment system that’s designed for business jets.

Created originally for helicopter passengers and OEMs more than a decade ago, the third generation of MAG’s I-FEEL infotainment system is made for the fixed-wing market and offers enhanced functionality.

The new I-FEEL system, launched at NBAA-BACE today, is a wireless system that can have its appearance, style, graphic schemes, and user complexity customised. It manages passenger/crew communications, entertainment functions, windows (electro-chromic or shade), lighting, moving maps, and camera feeds. It’s also 20% lighter than previous versions.

Armando Sassoli, MAG co-general manager, said: “The next generation I-FEEL takes everything we have learned over the years, industry feedback and new technology available and wraps it into one functional system. Fixed wing owners, operators and OEMs will be very impressed with its customisable software, lightweight hardware and dependability.”

MAG has facilities in Italy, Canada and the US, and makes integrated systems including flight controls, landing gear, actuation, and cabin comfort for helicopters, business aircraft, general aviation and basic trainers.