Landmark Aviation prepares for Super Bowl XLIX


University of Phoenix Stadium - venue for Super Bowl XLIX

The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest events on the business aviation calendar and this year will be no different as New England Patriots take on Seattle Seahawks at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Landmark Aviation hopes to capitalise on the spike in US flight activity with its network of FBO and MRO facilities across the country.

In anticipation of the big game on Sunday, Corporate Jet Investor spoke to Charlotte Cheatham, senior vice president of marketing and customer service and to John Hovis, general manager of Landmark’s FBO at Washington-Dulles and leader of event operations.

How busy has the Scottsdale FBO been over the past week or so?

“Certainly since the beginning of 2015, the FBO has had to deal with the NFL Pro Bowl and again with the Super Bowl.”

“The Scottsdale FBO is a very busy facility, Phoenix is favourite place for conferences and the region is a popular destination for many corporations, companies and organisations to hold conventions and events especially between October and April.

“For the Pro-Bowl, over four days the FBO handled 150 business aviation arrivals and departures.”

Is your busiest day for the Super Bowl yet to come?

“Sunday and Monday will be the busiest time at the FBO with over 300 arrivals and departures.”

Can you tell me about any famous people who used the facility and are attending the game?

“Yes, we have seen some famous people, actors and sportstars but it is our policy not to say anything more about them.”

Does Landmark Aviation have any OEM’s stationed at the Scottsdale facility during the Super Bowl?

“No, we don’t have any OEM agents during the Super Bowl. The Scottsdale FBO has an MRO facility to help with maintenance and at the airport there are many other facilities that can help with challenges we are unable to deal with.”

Does having a large countrywide network FBO benefit you when events such as the Super Bowl are held?

“Having a network such as ours does have its benefits to our customers, we are able to offer a similar service package to them at every location.”

Do the fractional operators use Landmark Aviation?

“Yes, many of the fractional operators use our facilities. It depends on the kind of business they are undertaking, the financial business will be centered around the main finance areas of the country, the same goes for the oil and gas industry. Some Landmark Aviation FBO locations get many more fractional operator flights then others.”

What is the largest aircraft handled by you at this year’s Super Bowl?

“Scottsdale Airport is able to handle jets up to a 100,000 pounds, so can’t handle larger business jets like the Boeing Business Jet or Airbus Corporate Jet but the Scottsdale FBO is capable of handling large aircraft like the Global Express and Gulfstream G650.”

The Landmark Aviation, Scottsdale facility comprises of passenger and pilot lounges, VIP lounge, executive conference room, wireless internet, flight planning center, shower, office space and secure parking. The facility is also able to offer maintenance for many aircraft manufacturers from its MRO.