Jetex and CFLY new partnership at São Paulo


Jetex Flight Support and Brazilian operator CFLY Aviation have won a tender to develop and manage a new private terminal and FBO at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport

The 15-year partnership will reflect the growing importance of business aviation in the region, and further extends Jetex’s footprint in Latin America which encompasses Toluca, Mexico and Santiago, Chile.

Adel Mardini, CEO and president at Jetex said: “The Brazil general aviation fleet is the second largest in the world, only after the US. By partnering with CFLY Aviation at Brazil’s busiest airport, Jetex is positioning itself to provide the highest level of services to an increasing number of Latin American business aircraft operators and their esteemed passengers. With Guarulhos as a base, we expect to expand to other key locations across South America in the not-too-distant future.”

Currently, general aviation aircraft share the main terminal at Sao Paulo with commercial airlines. The Jetex-CFLY venture aims to provide greater access and convenience for corporate, governmental and private flights, through the development of a dedicated private terminal.

Jetex will provide trip support services including, but not limited to, entry and landing permits, fuelling, passenger and crew transportation arrangements, onboard catering, and bespoke concierge services, while CFLY Aviation will manage aircraft parking and storage.

Decio Yoshimoto, partner at CFLY Aviation added: “CFLY’s new venture with Jetex will result in unprecedented levels of quality as we continue our innovation journey in the industry.”

Crew and passengers flying into the new private terminal will have access to direct ramp access with aircraft parking in front of the terminal, crew and executive lounges, and meeting rooms. Future plans include incorporating on-site customs and immigration at the terminal and a heliport.