JetClass takes on airlines with business jets


Bringing new people into business aviation is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces.

So what if you could reach regular airline passengers who did not know that they could afford seats on a business jet? This is what JetClass, a new Austrian start-up tech company, is offering.

JetClass is doing this in two ways. First, it finds routes where one-way business class flights regularly cost more than €1,000 ($1,100). It then monitors fares both with artificial intelligence and human analysts.

Once it is confident about demand, it charters a business jet and sells individual seats using airline Global Distribution Systems – so its seats appear on sites like Opodo, and TripAdvisor.

On one flight from Vienna to Warsaw, it is selling seats on a Citation CJ2+ from €390. One-way business class flights often reach €1,500 on this route. It also offers routes where there are no direct airline services – such as Milan to Geneva for €450.

JetClass is concentrating on shorter range flights in Europe for now – it already serves ten cities – but hopes to launch in the Middle East next year (Dubai-Jeddah will probably be the first route).

But it is looking to go global. It already has a sales agent in Hong Kong and is gearing up for the US.


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