Jet charter and travel management company Jet Luxe launches


A new Dubai-based jet charter and travel management company called Jet Luxe has launched with bases in the Middle East, the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

CEO Gabriel Madrid said: “We have observed a record high of interest in private aviation, medevac, repatriation, and ultra-personalised luxury travel. Our approach is rooted in exceptional service, safety, and efficiency while delivering bold and innovative new services. We are here to improve the inflight experience and resolve jet management problems, while enabling our clients to embrace the latest trends in adventurous and responsible travel.”

Jet Luxe’s mission is to improve the inflight experience and resolve jet management problems.

In addition to its charter and luxury travel options, Jet Luxe launches with a full-service aircraft management, cargo, and air ambulance option for its global clients. Samuel Madrid, senior vice president, Latin America, said: “With a combined 25 years’ of experience and accreditation through the internationally recognised Wyvern and ARGUS safety ratings, we offer quality, value and outstanding experiences to those utilising the business aviation sector, including first-time users.”

Jet Luxe is also committed to sustainable operations, which it will achieve through a partnership with sustainability framework company 4AIR.

CEO Gabriel Madrid brings experience from previous roles at Jetex and charter airline FlyMex.