IADA partners with 4AIR to reduce carbon emissions


The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) has partnered with sustainability solutions firm 4AIR to help reduce the pre-owned industry’s carbon emissions.

The partnership will offer IADA members a free carbon assessment and discounts on voluntary carbon-cutting programmes and regulatory monitoring and compliance services. The carbon calculator will enable dealers to measure the carbon impact of specific aircraft.

“IADA is joining the fight against climate change in a responsible and sensible way,” said David Monacell, chair, IADA. “The partnership with 4AIR is a statement that the leaders in the business aviation resale industry place importance on sustainability.”

Kennedy Ricci, president, 4AIR said: “With today’s growing scrutiny of private travel and its impact on the environment, it’s increasingly important to be able to assist buyers and sellers to answer questions about prospective aircraft and their environmental impacts.”

Ricci added the partnership will add “meaningful, verified and documented steps” in cutting emissions for IADA’s clients.

In its first year, 4AIR helped the business aviation industry to offset more than 1m metric tons of CO2, as well as facilitating more than 250,000 carbon-neutral flight hours and offsetting more than 80,000 emissions-neutral flight hours.

Ricci appeared in Corporate Jet Investor’s (CJI’s) Guide to Sustainable Business Aviation 2022, where he spoke about regulatory controls imposed by governments, meeting carbon neutral by 2050 pledges and advanced technology and its role in cutting carbon. 

CJI visited Neste’s refinery in Rotterdam last week to explore how sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is made, and how it can help the industry cut its carbon emissions.