4AIR helps to offset over 1m tonnes of CO2 in first year


4AIR has helped the business aviation industry offset more than 1m metric tons of CO2 in its it first year.

The company also facilitated more than 250,000 carbon-neutral flight hours and offset more than 80,000 emissions-neutral flight hours. This equated to more than 125m carbon neutral flight miles, according to 4AIR.

4AIR president, Kennedy Ricci, said: “Climate change is the greatest sustainability challenge we face, It is critical we do everything we can to offset or reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutants that affect the climate.”

Ricci added: “Our goal is to help aviation stakeholders become part of the solution to climate change and the strong response to our programmes during 2021 convinces us that aviation is willing to be a leader in the sustainability space.”

The US-based company said it had made its ratings programmes increasingly progressive throughout 2021.

Those programmes have now attracted fractional, jet card and charter travel providers as well as aircraft management companies, corporate flight departments, individuals, OEMs, airports and FBOs.

Ricci said: “During 2022, we want to further expand access to our initiatives, continue to grow the number of participants and offer increasingly robust solutions to climate challenges. We all want to do right by the environment, and these programmes offer attractive ways for aviation stakeholders to engage and offset or even reduce the emissions their flights produce.”

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