Hong Kong trials additional bizav slots


According to a news article on the flightservicebureau.org website, Hong Kong is to make additional slots available for business aircraft.

Two extra slots will become available between 16:00 & 23:59 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), which is 23:00 to 04:59 local time, increasing the total number of slots available during the time period to six.

The notice states that the slots are available on a trial period until October 7 and will be constantly reviewed by the issuing Hong Kong Schedule Coordination Office and Airport Authority Hong Kong.

In September 2017 the airport opened night-time slots for a limited number of aircraft that meet strict Hong Kong’s strict noise quota count pilot scheme.

The new slots are available for aircraft types, not just the Gulfstream G500, G550 and G650, and the Bombardier Global 5000 and 6000 that slots were previously available for.

Hong Kong’s airport is one of the world’s busiest, and slot access and parking access have been major issues for operators wanting to use the airport.