HondaJet sets two speed records


first HondaJet to visit London Biggin Hill Airport (Credit: Andy Patsalides)

The HondaJet has set two new speed records for aircraft in its class between two recognised courses.

The first record was set between Teterboro, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on April 9. The flight took two hours and 51 minutes, with the HondaJet flying at a maximum ground speed of 478 mph.

The second flight was between New Bedford Regional Airport, Massachusetts to Palm Beach, Florida on July 19. During the two hour and 58 minute flight the HondaJet reached a maximum speed of 486 mph.

“We chose several of the busiest business aviation airports with extremely popular routes to demonstrate that the HondaJet will get customers where they need to be faster than any other light jet,” said Michimasa Fujino, president & CEO, Honda Aircraft. “These missions prove just how dramatically HondaJet design innovations like the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount increase performance and fuel efficiency over other light jets.”