Flight Options orders 40 Nextant Aerospace 400XT



Flight Options recently announced a $150 million order for forty 400XT aircraft from Nextant Aerospace.

The Nextant Aerospace 400XT uses the Williams FJ44-3AP engine and replaces the existing avionics with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21. The engine and aerodynamic improvements are expecte to increase range by 150% relative to the current Beechjet platform. The Nextant Aerospace 400XT is an upgrade from an existing Beechjet 400A or 400XP aircraft.

In addition to new engine and avionics technology, passengers on the Beechjet 400XT will enjoy the state-of-the-art Venue Cabin Management system including onboard high-speed wireless Internet and iPod integration.  Deliveries are set to begin in 2011 following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

The first flight of the first re-manufacturered aircraft took place in August 2010.