CJIQ includes record-breaker bizjet, entrepreneurs and other heroes


A record-breaking business jet, innovative aviation entrepreneurs and a solar-powered hero all feature in the latest edition of Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly Q1 2022.

Gulfstream’s new G700 takes centre stage in our popular First Look aircraft profile feature. Breaking city-pair speed records before it even reaches service, the Gulfstream G700 is one of the most highly anticipated aircraft of the past decade. Capable of a 7,500nm-range, the  Mach 0.925 jet carries a price tag of a cool $75m.

Mark Burns, Gulfstream president told Corporate Jet Investor Quarterly (CJIQ): “With the G700 specifically, we designed the aircraft based on our customers’ stated desire to make a seamless transition from their lives on the ground. The G700 achieves through a compelling combination of technology, cabin comfort, interior flexibility and space – the most spacious cabin in the industry, the largest galley, distinct living areas and the option of a private suite with bath.”

The size of the G700 found favour with James Hagerty, Hagerty Jet Group president and CEO. “Looking at the Global 7500, Falcon 10X and G700, on paper they are almost identical in what they can do in range and cabin size. The 10X is the bigger airplane, but the G700 cabin size is huge – you don’t need bigger.”

Staying with superior interiors, our feature on luxury business jet cabin designs probes the world of completions. Starting with a blank canvass, the possibilities for stunning interior design – created to match the needs of Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals – are endless. Our guides to the options and available and time scales involved include: Sylvain Mariat, Airbus Corporate Jets, Eric Gillespie, Flying Colours Corp, Daron Dryer, Comlux Completions and a host of other industry insiders.

Tom Chatfield, Camber Aviation concludes the feature with the remark: “Many features can be certified if the client retains a good designer, completion manager and completion centre. Why settle for a stock cain when tailored is possible?

From business jet interiors, we move to the rapidly emerging world of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Flapper’s private aviation marketplace, which provides per-seat bookings as well as whole aircraft charters.

After explaining his company’s plans for further international expansion, based on Flapper’s bookings app, the business’s CEO Paul Malicki explains “the unprecedented opportunity” offered by UAM. “Most analysis points to the fact that eVTOLs will kill the existing aviation centre and the way it works,” he tells us. “It will open the market to an entirely new audience – the people who today use their cars or an Uber to travel from home to the airport.”

The future of aviation also occupied the dreams and ambitions of solar-powered explorer Raphaël Domjan. He is on a mission to pilot a solar-powered two-seat aircraft to the stratosphere to prove what the technology can achieve. Domjan is no stranger to solar-powered record breaking. In March 2010, he embarked on a successful two-year circumnavigation of the globe aboard the solar-powered catamaran MS Tûranor PlanetSolar.

But his latest project, the solar-powered flight to the stratosphere is about far more than simple record-breaking. “We need to show the younger generation that it will be possible to keep on flying in their lifetimes – but it must be sustainable,” he said. “If we stop flying, it will be a big step back for our civilisation.”

Other features in the latest edition of CJIQ include Corporate Jet Investor’s annual connectivity survey conducted in partnership with Inmarsat. Plus our conference reports capturing the highlights from CJI Miami 2021 and our CJI Asia 2021 virtual conference.

This edition closes with Jet Data – the key numbers from aircraft performance to cost that buyers need to know – and our Day in the Life profile of Gregg Brunson-Pitts. His company, Advanced Aviation Team, organises presidential campaign flights.

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