ARINC brings Xplore to EBACE


ARINC showcases a pre-production version of its new multipurpose communications service at EBACE 2013.

ARINC Direct Xplore box back

ARINC Direct Xplore is entering its final stages of testing before certification and full production and is on track for customer sales by summer 2013. ARINC will be taking pre-orders at EBACE.

Newly named Xplore is a communications service which offers four distinct capabilities in one portable device – complete ACARS messaging, utilizing an iPad application as the user interface, high quality voice service, a messaging platform for SMS and Instant Messaging and Blackberry email services.

“The system is so flexible and easy to use we are looking at a wider range of applications than just business jets for its use,” said ARINC director James Hardie.

Using the Iridium or Inmarsat Satellite networks, ARINC Direct Xplore enables global connectivity through a simple, seamless user experience for both pilots and passengers.  For existing ARINC Direct customers, the ACARS messaging functionality is completely interoperable with their ARINC Direct account.

The company is continuing towards a paperless cockpit and is building on its inflight poilt iPad app, you will now be abale to synchronise data between ywo or more iPads in the cockpit using Bluetooth.

Aviation authorities too are supporting efforts to reduce paper in the cockpit, so ARINC operators are seizing the opportunity to demonstrate the value of the initiative. The iPad app is complemented by advances in SwiftBroadband, which has opened up access to information that could only be partially accessed from onboard aircraft avionics.

“If pilots are equipped with SwiftBroadband and they use the iPad App, then they are benefitting from a dynamic aviation information platform which surpasses traditional methods of getting in flight data,” said Hardie.