Ambulance jets deployed to Ukranian border


An ASL Learjet 45 loaded with over 500kg of medical supplies for Ukrainian refugees took off yesterday (April 12th) from Liège Airport bound for Kosice International Airport, Slovakia. The operation, initiated by medical transportation specialists MedCareProfessional (MCP), then flew injured or seriously ill refugees to hospitals in Germany.

The cargo was delivered to a distribution centre in the Slovakian city, around 60 miles from the Ukrainian border town of Uzhhorodand. On return, the team transported two patients to hospitals for further treatment in Stuttgart and Bochum.

Philippe Bodson, CEO, ASL Group said: “We support the initiative of MCP and contribute by deploying our ambulance planes for an airlift to the Ukrainian border.”

The European operator has committed to aiding the MedCareProfessional operation by pledging aircraft to the cause indefinitely. Its communications manager, Leen Thys told Corporate Jet Investor: “ASL Fly Med is sending both Learjets once a week to continue the operation for an ongoing period.

The recently launched ASL Fly Med was established in an immediate collaboration with German and Belgian based MCP in 2021. The division operates two Learjets out of Cologne, Germany and Liège, Belgium. This mission marks a first in providing their airlift services for free and is solely funded by private donations.

The Learjets, registered OO-MED and OO-DOC, are equipped with two stretchers, a life support system and four seats. The aircraft are capable to transport 2 patients with doctor and nurse with a maximum of two extra companions. The range of the aircraft is about 1,800nm with a cruising speed of 430Kts.

“The experienced ASL Group flight crew and a medical crew of one doctor and one nurse from MCP from Germany will be on board,” Bodson added.

This is not the first time the aviation community has aided the Ukrainian plight. Since March 12th, AirX have sent over 80t of aid to Poland and Romania and have pledged to send more in the future.

Another humanitarian operation has been headed by Argentine-Italian Enrique Piñeyro. The ex-commercial pilot turned film director has personally flown hundreds of Ukrainian refugees to Italy and Spain in his Boeing 737 Dreamliner.

Bodson concluded: “Together we can help, and we are not powerless.”