Air Medical Group appoints Baldwin Safety & Compliance


Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH) has appointed Baldwin Safety & Compliance as its safety management system (SMS) provider for all AMGH subsidiaries.

David Carr, director of Safety for AMGH subsidiary, Med-Trans said: “We went to great lengths evaluating Baldwin Safety & Compliance along with other competing products.  After conducting an exhaustive analysis of capability, scalability and user experience, Baldwin was the standout.  Its ease of use and comprehensive set of safety management tools made it the clear choice.”

Carr added: “We value our new relationship with Baldwin as a partner in improving safety at AMGH companies and look forward to integrating their system into all of our safety management initiatives.”

“Customisation is the cornerstone of a successful Safety Management System. In order to gain the most out of an SMS, the system must be tailored to an organization’s specific operations. This way, an organization can utilise metrics measured against a typical operational use-case, and by doing so, providing a means to better gauge the health and maturity of a truly safe operation.”  Don Baldwin, president of Baldwin said: “We have created a program that combines state-of-the-art software based on client needs and industry SME guidance.  The software is truly so flexible that forms, reports and charts can literally be customized down to every single data point–even those that are unique to each client.”

Baldwin Safety & Compliance is exhibiting at Helicopter Association International Show in Anaheim, CA from 24-27 February 2014.