Aeromil Pacific launches demo tour of Citation Latitude


Citation Latitude parked on Hawaii

Aeromil Pacific is launching a demonstration tour of the new Citation Latitude. The aircraft will be showcased by Textron Aviation during its customer conference in Sydney on 8th and 9th October 2015.

Aeromil Pacific is a Cessna authorised sales representative (ASR) for the Citation range of Business Jets and Caravan Turboprops, and the Cessna sales team authorised representative (CSTAR) for single engine aircraft.

“The Citation Latitude is a truly exciting new release from Cessna.”

Steve Padgett, Aeromil Pacific said: “The Citation Latitude is a truly exciting new release from Cessna. The new flat floor, stand up cabin provides a perfect solution for customers wanting a larger cabin experience in an aircraft with the range to cover the distances in Australia and beyond. And I must say being able to step on board and connect to business is a real plus.”


Aeromil Pacific is part of the Hawker Pacific Group of Companies.