Embraer Phenom 100E: Buyer’s and Investor’s guide



The performance and luxury of a jet, with the operating costs of a turboprop.


The range of the 100E is less than the competition.

Embraer’s Phenom 100 has been given an update – the 100E. Numerous upgrades on an already popular aircraft makes the Phenom 100E a serious contender in the very-light jet market.


The 100E offers a well-rounded performance, most impressively a high speed cruise of 405kts/466 mph/750kmh/Mach 0.60. This outperforms the Citation Mustang’s maximum cruise speed by 65kts/75mph, and matches the Citation M2’s cruise performance. Being able to reach a destination as quickly as possible is something the market is increasingly wanting – making the 100E an attractive proposition – especially as this should keep values high on the pre-owned market.

The 100E has a range of 1135mi/2182km/1178nm – far enough to offer nonstop trips between New York and Miami or London to Rome. But this is lower than competitors. The Citation Mustang (Maximum range of 1380mi/2222km/1200nm) and Citation M2 (Maximum range of 1783mi/2870km/1550nm) both outperform the 100E. Even top end turboprops such as the King Air 350i can fly up to 722mi/1163km/628nm further than the 100E – although in a less luxurious cabin.

A maximum cruise altitude of 41,000ft has almost become an expected statistic for any corporate jet- but one which the 100E meets. This gives the aircraft the ability to fly over any rough weather rather than around it – increasing efficiency and reducing travel time.


The 100E has the largest cabin and baggage compartment in the entry level jet sector – which is also one of the most well made. Due to the new OvalLite cabin design, a width of 5ft 1in makes it 8inches wider than the Citation Mustang, and 5inches wider than the Citation M2. The 100E also has significantly more headroom than competitors. At 4ft 11in tall, there is an extra 4inches more than the Mustang and 5inches than the M2. This allows the 100E to fly up to 7 passengers comfortably.

Phenom 100E cabin in the Pearl finish.

Phenom 100E cabin in the Pearl finish.


The interior features are in the same class as larger jets, with the 100E offering a very high quality of interior furnishings in partnership with BMW Designworks USA. The cabin is highly customisable with 11 interior finish options to choose from, a forward wardrobe or refreshment centre and the option of an extra seat.

The 100E also has the largest windows of any entry level jet – providing natural light for all passengers. Whilst it may not seem like a big achievement, natural light makes the cabin feel much more spacious.

A fully enclosed lavatory comes as standard, with the seat having the ability to be used for takeoff and landing. More storage space is also available with extra cabinetry. These features make the 100E one of the customisable and usable cabins in the market.

The Phenom 100E also boasts the largest entrance door in its class.

The Phenom 100E also boasts the largest entrance door in its class.



The 100E is the revised model of the Phenom 100, containing multiple updates over its predecessor- notably new multifunction spoilers, the new Prodigy flight deck, a revised brake system as well as the new interior combinations.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a 100E, is that it provides the performance of the light jet, with the operating cost of a turboprop. Conklin and de Decker variable running costs place the Phenom 100E at $905 per hour – $300 less than the Avanti Evo II, and just under $200 less than the Mustang M2. This separates the 100E from the rest of the market, as it is the only very light jet that can perform as a jet with such a low operating cost.

In terms of the pre-owned market, the 100E hasn’t been seen – but expect it to command a premium price over the standard Phenom 100.

The 100E has a 35,000 cycle basic design life, as well as good warranty schemes covering all parts and avionics for three years or 1,500 flight hours.

The first 100E was delivered to Wanfeng Aviation Co. Ltd. in December 2015, with notable orders including Emirates Flight Training Academy ordering five (with the option for five more) and Etihad Flight College ordering four.

Hard facts

Range: 1135mi/2182km/1178nm
Maximum speed: 405kts/750kmh/Mach 0.60
Typical passengers: 4-7
Typical crew: 1
Competitor aircraft: Citation Mustang, Citation M2, Avanti Evo, Honda HA-420, Eclipse 550
List price for a new jet: $4.2 million
Price range for a pre-owned jet: Phenom 100: $1.6-$2.6 million
Phenom 100E: Not available


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