Embraer Phenom 300E: Buyers’ and Investors’ guide



Inexpensive to run. A proven success in the light jet market.


Longer trips will require a fuel stop.

The Phenom 300 is Embraer’s effort to compete in the light jet market – a successful one too – with the Phenom 300 being the most delivered business jet between 2013 and 2015. A well-made and thoughtful interior makes the Phenom 300 one of the best options for short range missions.


A range of 2268mi/3650km/1971nm allows the Phenom 300 to pair cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, London and Istanbul or Hong Kong and Jakarta nonstop – at a high speed cruise of 521mph/838kph/453kts.

Cessna’s offering in the light jet sector – the Citation CJ3+ – can fly slightly further (79mi/128km/69nm), but this is not a significant improvement on the Phenom 300.

A maximum service altitude of 45,000ft allows the aircraft to easily fly over any bad weather.

New carbon brakes paired with a brake-by-wire system has a longer lifespan, requires less maintenance and also improving safety.


With the cabin designed by BMW Designworks USA, it is unsurprising that it is a very comfortable and spacious environment to work or relax. Intuitively placed power outlets and charging USB ports (only found in the updated cabin) as well as flat tables make the cabin highly functional without compromising luxury.

Embraer’s Oval Lite fuselage makes the cabin one of the largest in the light jet market, with a width of 5ft 1in/1.5m creating a sizable interior. The Phenom 300 has the largest baggage compartment in its class – at 84 cu.ft – enough to carry six golf bags as well as six roll on bags.

Phenom 300 interior

The Phenom 300 seats feature full movement and reclining capability.

The cabin can be fitted with a two seat divan, or additional reclining seats – allowing for a maximum of 9 passengers. Other features of the Phenom 300 include a maximum cabin altitude of 6600ft – allowing passengers to feel refreshed during the flight – as well as the largest windows in the light jet category.


Buying into Embraer products is a safe bet, with their executive jets proving especially popular. Over 320 Phenom 300s have been delivered, with the Phenom 300 being the most delivered business jet since 2013 – an impressive achievement in the light jet market – which one OEM CEO described as “oversupplied” and “remarkably competitive”.

An initial warranty of 5,000 flight hours/60 months alongside a global support network of field service representatives strengthens post-purchase support for the Phenom 300.

The Pratt and Whitney PW535-E engines require 5,000 hours between overhauls, with Embraer claiming the Phenom 300 uses 19% less fuel than its closest competitor. An economic lifespan of 35,000 hours is also far longer than other jets – making the Phenom 300 a very cost effective option.

From October 2023, Embraer will offer an  optional upgrade on the Phenom 300E with a new autothrottle which includes the Prodigy Touch, based on the Garman G3000. The new feature will be avalable on aircraft from the third quarter of 2024.

The company will also support in-service aircraft via a service buletin (SB) issued in the fourth quarter of 2024 for aircraft that have received factory incorporated provisions.

List price for a new Phenom 300 is $8.99 million (base). Embraer have updated their VLJ – the Phenom 100 – with the 100E and 100EV variants. An upgrade of the Phenom 300 may be a possibility – something for potential owners to note.

Hard facts

Maximum range: 2268mi/3650km/1971nm
Maximum speed: 521mph/838kph/453kts
Typical passengers: 6
Typical crew: 1
Competition: Citation CJ3+, Learjet 70/75, Citation Mustang, Citation CJ4, PC-24
List price for new aircraft: $8.99 million
Pre-owned price: $6.9million – $7.5million

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