XOJET achieves growth in first half of 2012


Over 55% growth in first six months of 2012 for XOJET

XOJET announced that it achieved over 55 per cent year-over-year growth in on-fleet flight hours during the first half of 2012. During the same period, the US private aviation industry in whole contracted, flying 4 per cent fewer hours according to data from the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The trend we see in private aviation is that customers are moving away from older business models such as fractional or cards and to a one-stop full-service provider-and our first-half results bear that out,” said Stephen Lambright, senior vice president of marketing and business development.

Lambright added: “Our customers are focused on making smart investments, and they’re realising that they can get consistently superb service and quality without a major financial commitment or risk. Our ability to successfully execute this model is testament to the  exceptional professionalism of the entire XOJET team and our partners in the industry.”

XOJET has in the first half year been awarded by the FAA, a Diamond Award of Excellence, the company has also been recognised again by AR/GUS, WYVERN and IS-BAO.

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