XOJET announces XOJET Elite Access


Elite Access offers easy guaranteed access to the XOJET with pay as you fly pricing

announced XOJET Elite Access a programme that offers members worry free guaranteed
access to the XOJET fleet of customised 100% Wi Fi enabled Citation X and Challenger
300 jets, with as little as 12 hours notice.

The programme
has a simple model, pay as you fly pricing with a simple $8,500 hourly rate
that includes all fees, taxes and fuel.

“We heard from our
customers that they needed a simple, easy to understand programme that offered guaranteed
access to the XOJET fleet,” said Brad Stewart, president of XOJET.

continued “We decided to make it even easier by letting them pay as they fly instead
of requiring a significant upfront purchase. For mid or super‐mid jet flyers accustomed
to fractional ownership or jet cards, XOJET Elite Access will provide the highest
level of service without the costly initial purchase, monthly management fees, unpredictable
fuel surcharges, inflexible terms and residual value risk.”

The new programme
is designed as a simple alternative to ever more complicated fractional schemes,
Elite Access offers pay as you fly based on an annual commitment of 50 hours.

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