Virtual Fitcheck by Lufthansa Technik


Lufthansa Technik develops ‘Virtual Fitcheck’ for aircraft cabins, the new technique should revolutionise installation of VIP interiors

Lufthansa Technik AG has
developed a new method for significantly shortening the “Fitcheck” and has filed a patent application for significant elements of it. The “Virtual Fitcheck” will revolutionise today’s normal practice, under which the various elements of the cabin installation have to be trial-fitted in the real aircraft in a time-consuming process.

The new procedure is based
on 3D modeling with most of the components designed and checked prior to the
start of production so they fit in the customers aircraft straightaway without
a test fitting.

Commenting on the advantages of the new technology, Dr Franz-Josef Kirschfink, director technology projects at Lufthansa Technik, said “We are very pleased that thanks to the new technology we are reducing to a minimum the number of changes required to the cabin installation and as a result we are able to noticeably cut the length
of layovers that the VIP aircraft spend in our hangars. Thanks to this project, which has been funded entirely by Lufthansa Technik and the BMBF, our customers will get their customized aircraft more

Oliver Thomaschewski, team leader and project manager in VIP and Executive Jet Solutions at Lufthansa Technik, looks ahead to the rest of the project: “For the remaining two years of the research project started in May 2009 we want to concentrate on making the technical options created accessible to all our staff. In that way we will generate the maximum benefit. As well as the technical research, we shall also be focusing on making full use of the novel virtual reality.”