Victor commits to reducing emissions on each charter flight


Jet charter marketplace Victor – an Alyssum Group company – has announced a new ‘Climate Action Strategy’. Its objective is to reduce carbon emissions through less fuel burn, the adoption of sustainable fuels and 200% carbon offsetting.

In a news release, Victor has promised to “double offset the CO2 emissions of every flight, saving approximately 46,000 tonnes of CO2 over the next 12 months and 403,499 over five years.”

In 2018, Victor launched an optional Carbon Reduction Programme that saw the carbon emissions of 25% of its European flights offset working in partnership with Air BP and BP Target Neutral.

Clive Jackson, CEO and founder, Victor, said: “This was an 18-month trial programme during which we had a partnership with the more-progressive European operators.



And it will now aim to double offset the emissions from every flight using a new three-pronged approach:

Double carbon offsetting
Victor is supporting internationally audited and accredited carbon reduction projects managed by BP Target Neutral, Vertis and South Pole. These are largely nature-based schemes such as forest restoration in Brazil and Zambia which have additional socio-economic benefits to the local communities. Victor is also encouraging its customers to contribute out of their own pocket to go beyond the standard 200% offset through Victor’s Unlimited Programme.

Reducing Fuel Burn
In addition to offsetting, the company will also be working in partnership with RocketRoute, which is another wing of Alyssum Group. RocketRoute is an advanced online flight-planning centre. In this collaboration with Victor, RR will leverage its algorithms to calculate emissions and optimise flight routes. Using records of actual flight plans filed by each operator, it will provide Victor accurate fuel consumption and carbon credit calculations.

Adoption of Sustainable Alternative Fuels (SAJF)
Victor has committed to adopting SAJF, via a partnership with sustainable renewable fuel provider NESTE, to ultimately drive the adoption of waste-to-fuel solutions within the private aviation industry.

Clive Jackson, CEO and founder, Victor, said: “NESTE has confirmed that they have production capacity and already have partnerships in play for distribution.

Jackson added that that Victor is also partnering with the EBAA to lend its weight and willingness to take the first step.

On average, Victor flies 3,500-4,000 flights a year worldwide. Jackson said: “It’s not a silver bullet. But it’s a step in the right direction. And we are willing to be the pathfinder for the business and general aviation industries in terms of setting consumer benchmarks.”