Vail Valley Jet Center now offering Avfuel contract fuel


Vail Valley Jet Center in Colorado is now offering Avfuel contract fuel. Vail Valley Jet Center offers easy access to Colorado’s popular ski areas.

Vail Valley Jet CenterVail Valley Jet Center, the Avfuel-branded FBO is now offering Avfuel contract fuel, allowing Avfuel contract fuel cardholders to access cost-plus rates on jet fuel.

Vail Valley Jet Center is a premier facility delivering a number of desirable amenities,” said Marci Ammerman, Avfuel vice president, Marketing. “The addition of Avfuel Contract Fuel to the existing lineup of services and solutions makes air travel more economical and convenient without sacrificing any of the niceties or comforts that only a premium FBO can offer.”

Vail Valley Jet Center provides easy access to Colorado’s most popular ski areas as well as a number of amenities including transportation, catering, rental cars, conference rooms, crew showers, an entertainment room and complimentary mountain bikes and snow shoes.