Utah Highway Patrol orders AS350 B3e


Highway Patrol orders new Eurocopter AS350 B3e from American Eurocopter

Eurocopter AS350 B3eAmerican Eurocopter has
announced that the Utah Highway Patrol has purchased an AS350 B3e for its Aero
Bureau fleet. The new B3e will bring enhanced capabilities to the Bureau’s
current fleet of two AS350 B2s that support law enforcement agencies statewide,
whose efforts protect the citizens of Utah.

“When we decided to add a third aircraft to our fleet, we
knew we needed something with the performance and capacity that would allow us
to complete our wide variety of missions,” said Captain Luke Bowman, Utah
Highway Patrol. “We regularly fly missions at 12,000 feet, and the AS350 B3e
delivers the performance to work at those altitudes with power to spare. With
the AStar’s wider cabin and flat floor, we can accommodate more mission
equipment and cargo.”

“The AS350 B3e is a natural
fit for the Utah Highway Patrol,” said Ed Van Winkle, American Eurocopter’s
sales manager for airborne law enforcement. “It will provide them with the
added performance they need to operate hot and high missions, and it allows
them to standardize on the AStar family of helicopters so they can maintain
commonality in training and maintenance.”