Tenth anniversary for Avinode


Company launched its website in 2002 and will celebrate ten year anniversary at EBACE

Niklas Per NiclasAvinode launched its website
ten years ago, the company took the first step in changing the way business
aviation operated. Decades of paper-based processes and phone-based sourcing
methods had left the industry languishing in the 20th century.

“In 2002 the phone book and
faxes were the best possible ways of finding an available airplane, but we had
a hard time understanding why it should be so complicated,” said Avinode
co-founder and managing director of Marketplace Americas, Per Marthinsson.
“Avinode was founded with the conviction that this needed to change and that
operators and brokers were waiting for an easier way to find each other.”

In the ten years since it
opened, Avinode has grown from a clever aircraft search engine into the world’s
leading system for sourcing private charter, spanning some 80% of the global
charter market.

“The key to success has been
Avinode´s long hard work establishing a truly global network of professional
buyers and sellers by focusing on relationship-building,” said Avinode
co-founder and chief executive, Niclas Wennerholm, “and by training clients to
understand the advantages of doing business electronically. We are a technology
company at heart but our products are driven by the real needs of real people.”

Much has changed in those
ten years with new and innovative solutions being added every year.

“After 10 years, we are
still only at the beginning of all the great things we can do to improve
efficiency and profitability in the business aviation industry,” said Avinode
co-founder and SchedAero managing director, Niklas Berg. “I’m really excited
about the future”

Avinode are exhibiting at
EBACE in Geneva
from 14 – 16 May 2012.