Talon Air using Optex Redscan perimeter warning system


Company has fitted Redscan laser scan detectors to prevent damage to aircraft in hangars

Talon Air has installed a
perimeter warning system in two of its hangars. Using the Optex Redscan laser-scan
detectors, pilots are warned by the system when an aircraft is positioned or
taxied within eight feet of the hangar walls.

“Talon Air puts a
premium on maintaining clean, safe, and state-of-the-art facilities,” says
Adam Katz, founder, president, and chief executive of Talon Air. “The
Optex Redscan laser-scan system is a cost-effective and powerful way to reduce
the likelihood of damage to aircraft or facilities while allowing personnel to
move freely throughout the hangar. The system enhances our reputation as a leader
in the industry.”

The goal was to eliminate
any risk of damage to aircraft during exit or entry and provide aircraft owners
whose planes are managed by Talon Air with value-added safety measures. The
system should also reduce insurance premiums.

An important feature of the
scanning system was to ensure that aircraft mechanics and hangar personnel have
access to the perimeter area. The system detects only objects eight feet off
the ground. The scanning system uses four Redscan RLS-3060 laser scanners,
which detect a moving object’s size, speed, and distance from the detector. The
RLS-3060 creates a 200-foot wide detection area that functions like an
invisible wall. Any object within the laser’s span will set off strobes and

Grid Squared Systems, an Optex Redscan certified system integrator, was
selected by Talon to propose a system solution that would fit their unique
safety requirements. Grid Squared worked with Optex to devise the best
solution. “The Redscan system was selected on both its technical merits
and its ease of use,” says Lon Bazelais, senior partner at Grid Squared.
“We had the system installed and running in minimal time without disruption
to Talon operations.”

“The Redscan system provides Talon with the flexibility to tailor the
scanning area to increase safety without interfering with day-to-day
operations,” says Chris Adams, Optex’s Eastern regional sales manager.
“The Redscan in the hands of an experienced and certified integrator such
as Grid Squared can solve unique problems and be applied in new and innovative