Stack Aero and Avinode integrate systems


Stack Aero, developer of aviation operations systems, has partnered with online marketplace for private jets Avinode, to integrate systems. 

Stack Aero will integrate its system, known as the Business Operations System (BOS), with Avinode’s platform. BOS manages the entire trip request cycle from initial client contact through to aircraft sourcing, quoting, management and payment.

Stack Aero said the new system makes it “easier, more profitable and much less stressful” for brokers to sell charters to clients.

Greg Jarrett, CEO, Stack Aero said: “It allows our clients to access their proprietary databases, plus the Avinode platform, in a single workflow. The result is access to a massive amount of data and the ability to compare and propose best aircraft, route and price options quickly and easily.”

The features of the system integration include streamlined communications between charter brokers and aircraft operators, according to Stack Aero, as well as merged CRM workflow tools and a two-way flow of data between systems.

It said the software will also help generate strategic insight into internal operations through booking data.

Stack Aero previously spoke to Corporate Jet Investor about a large section of the business aviation sector running operations on outdated platforms, and how it can cause inconsistencies in data.