launches collaboration with FL3XX

FL3XX is launching a collaboration with FL3XX at Schedulers and Dispatchers 2024 this week in Fort Worth, Texas. 

The firms are integrating customer and business data to improve business administration and commercial management workflows for mutual operator customers. Trip requests, quote generation and bookings generated in FL3XX Platform will automatically merge with relevant customer account and relationship management, CRM, data from

Greg Jarrett (pictured above right), CEO said: “We are creating a single source of truth as we remove silos to deliver consistency of data across the dual platforms. The flight requests, offers, and fixed bookings generated in FL3XX merge with client information to create a repository of data giving commercial teams clearer visibility and insight into their business activity. The easy-to-access data can inform business-critical decisions, support pro-active sales, and enhance productivity.”

The integration enables users to harness data to augment sales processes, reporting and analysis for better operational efficiency. Digital quotations instantly incorporate customer preferences, workflows are automated and service levels are supplemented by leveraging the STACK. aero reporting and analytics modules. In addition, the automated, two-way data flow removes the need for the double entry of information minimising data input errors.

Paolo Sommariva, CEO and Founder, FL3XX said: “In bringing together the unique capabilities of FL3XX and, we are directly addressing the challenges our operators encounter every day. We’re opening doors to new possibilities in how data informs decisions and enhances customer interactions. It’s about providing our clients with an experience that feels effortless and deeply intuitive, effectively bridging the space between achieving operational goals and exceeding customer expectations.”

The integration is currently in a pilot phase and is expected to be commercially available in the second quarter of 2024. Current and new customers can meet with at the Schedulers and Dispatchers event to discover more.