Spirit Aeronautics launches on-demand maintenance service


Spirit Aeronautics Aircraft-on-Demand team

Spirit Aeronautics, a division of Spirit Avionics based in Columbus, Ohio announces new on-site service capabilities.

Spirit Aeronautics has created an Aircraft-on-Demand service programme, allowing its customers to quickly schedule maintenance service for their aircraft.

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Tony Bailey, president of Spirit Aeronautics, said: “We are a customer centric business and know that customers don’t always have the choice of bringing us the aircraft or have time to wait for service. We created our Aircraft-on-Demand service programme to better enhance our current customer service experience.”

“Aircraft-on-Demand is a programme where we will bring our capabilities and talent to a customer’s hangar or facility for AOG and routine service. If the customer is beyond a timely service call in one of our new services vans, we will fly our team to the customer in our company aircraft. It is just one more example of our customer commitment that is borderline servitude and growing beyond the local area. As we often say, “Sometimes all it takes is SPIRIT!”” added Bailey.

The Spirit Aeronautics Aircraft-on-Demandservice is a programme where customers who cannot move the aircraft for physical or financial reasons can receive services at their location. Spirit Aeronautics can dispatch a team via new company vans or fly teams to the customer’s airport on the company aircraft.