SonicStar is launched


Hypermach Europe launches new supersonic business jet

Hypermach SonicStarHypermach Europe
Aeronautics has announced their plan to manufacture a new supersonic aircraft
‘SonicStar’ in Europe.Richard Lugg, chairman of Hypermach launched the
new Supersonic Business Jet called SonicStar.

Richard Lugg
commented “I’ve made it my life’s work to make this dream a reality. Now, in
2011, we have access to revolutionary engine technology, and a unique, very
high speed aircraft design to make this kind of earth-shatteringly fast air
travel possible. And we have a date: our plan is to build and fly the world’s
first very high speed supersonic hybrid aircraft by June, 2021.”

Andrew Humphries, dealmaker for the UK’s
Global Enterprise Programme said “We will be working with Richard Lugg and his
company to explore ways for the SonicBlue engine, Hypermach and SonicStar to
take advantage of the UK’s
unique, global support infrastructure and network, which will help to establish
the business as a dominant company in its field.”

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