Sochi landing fees could reach over $50k during Winter Olympics

Private jets parked at Zuirch AIrport during WOrld Economic Forum 2014

Sochi landing fees could reach $51,665 during during the upcoming Winter Olympics, as local airports look to cash-in on private jet visits.
Private jets parked at Zuirch AIrport during WOrld Economic Forum 2014

Private jets parked at Zurich Airport during World Economic Forum 2014 (Photo: Alex Burlett).

Sochi International Airport in Russia is trying to cash-in on the upcoming Winter Olympics by trying to introduce a ‘Guaranteed Service Package’ for aircraft visiting during the Olympics.

According to a thread on Professional Pilots Rumour Network, the mandatory package, costing $51,665 per aircraft landing, covers guaranteed slots, handling and parking at Sochi, Krasnodar, Vityazevo-Anapa and Gelendzhik airports for a single aircraft movement, with the fee payable again if the aircraft depart and returns during the course of the games.

The fee doesn’t include aircraft de-icing, although Sochi could reach a balmy 10 centigrade during the opening ceremony on 9 February 2014.

The new agreement, which came into effect over the weekend, replaces any previous arrangements, with operators who already own slots being told that these are now cancelled and that they should apply again.

In a statement e-mailed to Corporate Jet Investor, Basel Aero press service, operator of Sochi airport said:

Sochi International Airport will give a priority to regular flights of domestic and international carriers during the Olympics. Due to the high demand on private jets handling (we have received 650 so far), the airport has introduced a special package for business jets, taking into account increased traffic on February 5-9 and limited handling capacity of the air field.

Private jet operators are said to be disappointed with the additional fees, with several already deciding against flying-in by private jet.