SmartSky partners with Performance Software


SmartSky Networks has partnered with safety-critical engineering and precision navigation data provider, Performance Software to create real-time digital mapping databases for aviation industry.

The mapping databases, now available on SmartSky’s data exchange service, Skytelligence will be of particular benefit to piloted and autonomous aviation companies, according to the company. This is because Performance Software combines airport, helipad and vertiport databases.

Performance Software’s head of Products, Michael Johnson said: “There is a growing demand for critical, real-time data in the aviation industry and most recently UAM and AAM. By utilising our continuously updated map data and the Skytelligence data exchange platform, our customers can quickly develop their navigation-related apps for use in airports and urban areas.”

Once downloaded, Performance Software’s Airport Mapping Databases (AMDBs) can be fused with other data such as Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS), through a common storefront. SmartSky said the “secure interface accelerates the development of safety-centric advisory applications”, including those needed for the rapidly expanding UAM and AAM industries.

Rich Pilock, SmartSky’s vice president, Products said: “The Performance Software data service is a bell-weather of the growing connected aircraft ecosystem and its ability to deliver improved safety, efficiency, and comfort. We anticipate this offering to be the first of many collaborations as more data providers and aerospace application developers connect through Skytelligence.”

Recently, a developer using the AMDB data and Skytelligence merged precision airport data, NOTAMs and localised weather data improving all-round situational awareness.