Snecma starts Silvercrest engine tests


Snecma has started ground development tests on the new Silvercrest business jet engine.

Snecma, a part of the Safran group, has announced that it has started ground development tests of the new Silvercrest business jet engine.

The first complete Silvercrest engine is instrumented with a number of sensors, recording over 900 different parameters and monitoring the engine’s mechanical and thermodynamic performance. The tests are being performed on a test cell at Snecma’s Villaroche plant near Paris. Dedicated to the Silvercrest engine, the test cell is fitted with latest-generation control and monitoring systems.

Three other development engines are under construction, and a total of eight engines will be used for testing and certification.

“The start of tests on the first complete engine culminates several years of intensive work by the program team,” said Laurence Finet, Silvercrest general manager at Snecma. “Since the start of development in 2010, nearly 1,000 engineers and technicians have worked on engine design, manufacture and assembly. Today’s test is a major milestone for the entire Silvercrest team and the program, and will pave the way for engine certification.”

The Silvercrest engine was selected by Cessna in May 2012 to power its new Citation Longitude, expected to enter service in 2017.