San Marino receives FAA Category 1 rating


The Republic of San Marino has achieved the USA FAA Category 1 Rating, recognising it as being compliant with ICAO standards. 

Recently announced by the FAA, the status allows San Marino air carriers to operate services to the US. Under a Category 1 rating, properly authorised San Marino AOC Holders ‘air carriers’ are permitted to serve the US and enter into code-share agreements with US carriers.

David Colindres, president of San Marino Aircraft Registry, said: “This is an excellent achievement for San Marino, this means that every San Marino commercial operator can now take direct flights to and from the United States to Rimini-San Marino Airport. This also opens the door for US citizens to reach the Italian Adriatic Riviera more quickly and easily through Rimini-San Marino airport.”

The FAA said that its IASA programme focuses on a country’s ability to adhere to international aviation safety standards and recommended practices. San Marino’s current ICAO Effective Implementation (EI) score is at 90.21%, up from the previous EI of 67.23% in 2010.

San Marino was recognised by the ICAO Council with the Presidential Certificate in 2016. The certificate was awarded after San Marino made “significant progress in resolving safety oversight deficiencies and improving the effective implementation” of ICAO Standards and recommended practices.