Safari Air Link takes delivery of a Citation Mustang


Safari Air Link has welcomed the first Cessna Citation Mustang to aircraft fleet in Tanzania.

Safari Air Link
has announced it has taken delivery of a Citation Mustang executive jet to its fleet. The aircraft will benefit the local business community in Tanzania with
more choice for business travellers, tourists and the provision of emergency
medical care in the country.

“The first of its kind in Tanzania,
the twin engine Citation Mustang is a business class jet with super luxurious
interior that will race between countries at incredible speeds, flying above turbulence
at 41,000ft,” said Peter Fox, chief pilot at Safari Air Link.

“Our new acquisition is surprisingly affordable for businessmen wanting to
travel with personalised luxury in a pressurised twin engine jet that can land
at regional airports not benefitting from a scheduled airline,” Fox said.

Fox said “Safari Air Link provides a cost effective solution anytime, any day,
and to any region, such as Dar to Moroni in the Comoros in 1hr 10mins, Dar to
Goma in 2hrs and Dar to Harare in 2hrs 30mins.”

The aircraft can also be
used for tourism connecting destinations quickly, avoiding those schedule
airline hold-ups that cost time and money.

“It is an affordable luxury making twin centre holidays possible!” Fox said “In
under 2 hours those wanting to combine the Gorillas of Rwanda, Congo, & Uganda
with a safari or beach in Tanzania,
Kigali to Zanzibar
can do it,”

The Citation Mustang executive jet is designed for tarmac strips connecting East
Africa to the Indian Ocean islands, Southern Africa, West
Africa, or the Horn of Africa.

The aircraft can also be
used as an air ambulance, quickly getting patients from almost anywhere in Tanzania to Nairobi
in Kenya or Johannesburg
in South Africa
for medical treatment.